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Poly Deer Fence Mesh Roll

Poly Deer fence mesh roll is a very high strength, lightweight, 2m to 2.5m high deer fence manufactured from high strength polypropylene BOP plastic netting. Deer have a tendency to forage over large areas and the cost effective deer fencing offers a very effective deer control barrier. 
Poly Deer fence mesh roll is black, UV stabilized, rot proof and merges into it’s background. Plastic deer fencing is very quick and easy to erect and each roll id lightweight whilst producing a very strong fencing.

Product Description

1. Material: PP and UV
2. Mesh size: 15*15mm,20*20mm,25*25mm,50*50mm or as you need
3. Weight: 30g/m2-120g/m2
4. Color: Black,White, Green or as you need
5. Edge: 1)Common Edge 2)Reinforced edge
6. Width: Most wide is 2.5m

7. Length: 30m,50m,100m or as you need

Material: polypropylene.
Mesh size: commonly is 1.75” × 1.75”, 1.75” x 2”, 2” × 2” and other mesh sizes are available.
Height: 4’, 5’, 6’, 7.5’ and 8’.
Length: 100’, 165’, 330’.
Color: carbon black.
Resistance to the heat, cold, sun and rain.
Resistance to the acid and alkali.
UV stabilized.
Virtually invisible.
Easy to install.
Strong and long lasting.


1. High Quality black deer net is stout enough to stop deer. Additionally, this fence is designed to last up to 10-15 years with little to no maintenance, and installation is simple and painless.
2. It is a great choice for residential applications such as personal gardens, vegetable gardens, ornamental, or around trees and shrubs. Can be easily installed as a removable system to be stored away when not in use. Also suitable for ares with light deer pressure (just a few deer).
3. Easy To Install- Our deer fencing material is the best solution for busy contractors, landscapers, and fence installers. Ideal for use around gardens and properties. Easy To Install, no special knowledge required.
4. Virtually Invisible- Deer fencing is specially suited to protecting gardens, valuable landscapes, and any areas needing protection from deer, the last thing we want is for our deer fence to do is spoil your customers' view. Our deer fence uses a combination of color and mesh size to allow the fencing to almost disappear when installed properly.
Packing: one roll packed in one black PE bag and on label on it

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