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Fruit Tree Anti Hail Netting

Anti hail net:

Material:100%virgin HDPE with UV treated
Weight: 40-150gsm or as required
Width: 1m-6m
Rolls Length: As required
Shade rate: 30%-95%
Color: Green, Black, Yellow, White, Gray, Red, Orange, Blue, Beige etc.
Working life: 5-7years

Features And Benefits:
Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread
Can be placed on simple support structures
The net is recyclable
Easy to handle, install and remove
Need relatively inexpensive structures, even cheap bamboo structures, to support nets
Do not harm trees and structures under excessive windy conditions
Do not exert undue load on fruit heavy trees
Do not cut off light which is so important for photosynthesis and plant growth
Super-stabilized against Ultra Violet Rays
Helps the agricultural product in all seasons
This provides solutions of the required purpose
These nets are suitable to protect cultivations from hail damages
Entirely made of UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament yarn
It is a thick mesh net which does not ladder and has a high breaking resistance
Super-stabilized against Ultra Violet Rays
Advantages of Anti Hail Nets:
To minimize flower drop
To minimize fruit drop
To minimize fruit damage

Product Description

1.Material: HDPE+UV
2.Weight: 40g/m2-150g/m2
3.Width: Most wide is 6m
4.Length: 50m,100m or as you need
5.Color: Black,White,Green,Blue or as you need
6.Using life: More than 5 years
7.Edge: 1)Eyelets on the net 2) Reinforced edge 3) Grommets on the net
fruit tree anti hail netting is special knitted mesh guarantees that the Fabric will not run even after violent hailstorms.The protection offered by anti-hail nets means safe guarding both the current year's harvest and protected from damage.It also offers protection against frost,which crystallizes on the netting instead of on the plants.Anti Hail net for Agricultural , apple tree , fruit tree, grape garden, etc.
Packing: One roll packed in one PE bag and one label in it or some pieces packed in a bale.
4.5 tons/20 feet container 10 tons/40’HQ Container
•protecting fruit and vegetables against hail
• Ideal for covering fruit and vegetables,can be laid directly on the crops or over garden hoops and cages.
• made from high-density polyethylene mono yards are knitted into an open mesh fabric .
• offer a lightweight , run resistant durable fabric so that it resists tears and abrasions

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