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Date Palm Bag With Black Drawstring Rope

Product Description

1. Material: PP/HDPE+UV
2. Weight: 16g-206g/pc
3. Size: 70*90cm,80*100cm, 90*110cm etc. or as customer's requirements
4. Color: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, etc. Or as customer's requirements.
5. Label Printing: As customer's required.
6. Top Seal: With/without drawstring
7. Bottom Seal: Single/double fold, single or double sewing.
8. Packing Details: 1000pcs/bale, 2000pcs/bale. Or as customer's required
  a) 6-7 ton /20'GP b)13-14 ton /40'GP c) 15-19 ton/40'HQ
9. Usage: Packing vegetable & fruit, such as onion, garlic, cabbage, potatoes, apples, pear, etc. Also for firewood
Size/cm Weight/pc Color Packing
70*90 40g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale
70*90 45g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale
80*100 60g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale
85*110 72g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale
90*110 75g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale
90*120 82g White/Green/Black 1000pcs/bale

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