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Plastic Mulch Film For Vegetables

Product description:

Mulch film is made of 100% virgin ldpe with uv protection.
This plastic mulch film is great for keeping the weeds away! The mulching film will warm soil and reduce evaporation to conserve water, leading to earlier and higher yields.
Prevents erosion from water.
Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground so the crop remains clean and there are less plant diseases.

Name: Perforated agriculture mulch film with hole
Material: LDPE
Color:Transparent,black,black-white,black-silver,light yellow/customized
Size:3M*4M*30micro,1M*50M*20micro,1.5M*1000M*30micro and as request
Usage: Weed barrier, promote the crops growth, and resist the strong the sunshine and keep the soil temperature's
Hole size: We can perforted 1cm 2.5cm,4.5cm,6cm,8cm diamter hole 
Packing weight: As your request with paper tube for agriculture pe film


1. Strong, environmental, 
2. Suit sell in supermarket and for home garden
Customized :Accept agriculture mulch film

Plastic Mulch Film For Vegetables is the fastest development in recent years. It can increase the soil temperature, moisture and other effects, but also has better weeding effect; at the same time it can reduce the ground temperature, make peanuts, strawberries, tobacco and other crops root system developed in summer.

No.1 Transparent mulch film

it is good tension,High tear strength,heat preservation, moisturizing, mentioned get temperature, promotion Crop growth.

No.2 Black and silver mulching film

This kind of film is made of high resin and has special reflection.The silver faces outside,and the black side faces soil when used.It has obvious shading,decreasing temperature effect.Besides the function of common films, it is good for sowing,moving and manufacturing the crops in summer.In the meantime, it can reflect ultraviolet and visible light,restrain the growth of weeds,and therefore that is especially suitable to sow seeds in summer

Width: 0.7-4m Thickness:0.015-0.03mm

No.3 Black and White mulching film

The crops under the white film can absorb sunlight and therefore grow fast.The weeds under the black film grow slowly due to the shortage of the light.In the meantime,this product can adjust the temperature of the earth,and make the growing environment stable to increase the output

Width: 0.7-2m Thickness:0.006-0.02mm

No.4 Mulching Film With Hole

Perforated plastic,sliver grey black color film.According to user requirements,One mulch can punch different pore size(diameter 1-10cm),spacing,planting distance can be adjusted freely,perforated film maximum width of 1.5meters.Save drilling troubles,eliminate heavy weeding work,save labor costs,improve production efficiency

Packaging and shipping
Mulch film packed in rolls with strong plastic bag.
20 ft can load around 17 tons,40 HQ can load around 28 tons

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