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Action of a safety-net

  A safety-net, gives much-more time to the falling object to come into zero velocity than hard ground. Thus, a much-less force is experienced by the falling object.

  What-kind of net to-be used, depends upon many factors, (such-as the factors that could determine force of the impact) such as falling-objects's speed and mass. To encounter more-force, a more total-width of the net, is required. The minimum-distance of the spot on net at which object impacted, and the edge of net (nearest-edge), matters, and to be kept more than certain-limit. There is role of materials used to make the ropes of net (such-as an iron-rod-grid will-not work as-good-as flexible and extensible ropes), and the tension or stretch used to make the net (stored in the ropes), also have some roles. The net is to be set at an appropriate height from the hard-ground, so-that the object, along-with the rope, does not clash with the hard-ground.The mesh-hole size should-not be so-big that falling object/people/part-of-it could pass through the holes.

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