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Blow molding plastic mulch film

Plastic mulch film is a product used, in a similar fashion to mulch, to suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production and landscaping.  Crops grow through slits or holes in thin plastic sheeting. Plastic mulch film is often used in conjunction with drip irrigation. Some research has been done using different colors of mulch to affect crop growth. This method is predominant in large-scale vegetable growing, with millions of acres cultivated under plastic mulch worldwide each year.

Silver Black Mulch Film is extensively used in agriculture field as a protection cover over the soil. Its foremost reason for use is to modify the effect of the local climate. The use of plastic mulch in the film greatly affects the light and its impact on the crop development as it is responsible for creating both, heat and color. With the use of this mulch film, the soil under remains loose and well aerated, thus reducing the need of compaction.

These three-tier films are silver on the side facing up and black on the side facing down. The silver color present in the film reflects radiation to forbid the excess heating of seedlings, plants and fruit, increases photosynthesis and repels pests; and the black color prevents the penetration of sunlight and lowers the development of weeds.
Main Applications

1.To cover crops
2.Raise the soil temperature
3.Keep the Fruit or Blade clean

4.Color: Black/White or Black/Silver

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