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Construction Safety Net Price

Construction Safety Net Price

The quality of construction safety net  is much related to the safety of counstruction workers. So it is important  to have high quality construction safety net with good hang up technology.

The construction safety net is usually made of 100% raw HDPE material with UV addtive. Its using life is usually during 3 years around. Sometimes, the net will add fire-retardant as customer choice. All these items will infulence construction safety net price.

As a reliable manufactuer of HDPE net, we try every means to low down the cost to satify customer market needs without sacrficing the quality of the constructon safety net. We try to find the cheapest transportation truck and ship and trained experienced workers to load the container to make full use of the space.

With the increasing cost of the raw material, construction safety net price also has a big change since last year, it increases from  2.1$ to 2.5$/kg till now and reaches at a stable period.

Please feel free to contact us to get an exact price!

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