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Hail Protection Nets For Agriculture

                                                                  Hail Protection Nets For Agriculture
Anti hail net is weave net which is made of 100% HDPE material with UV stabilizer.
Feature is high tensile strength, it is durable in water, hot weather, anti aging, corrosion resistant, to prevent natural disaster, like as hail, heavy rain, snow directly falling down on the plants and crops. Widely used in vegetables, grapes, fruits, rapeseed, potato, flowers, tobacco, etc.

Product name
UV resistant agriculture anti hail net apple tree hail protection net for agriculture vineyard
100% virgin HDPE with UV stabilizer
White, transparent/clear, green, black, etc
Mesh Size
20gsm - 100gsm
1m -8m
No limit
Life Span
3-5 years
Hail net options


1:Durable hail net for heavy hail or snow

2: Hail net for grape tree protection

Tips for Install: 

Install the net before the rain season coming.

Keep the net 5-10cm above the crops.
Connect two nets tightly by nylon rope.
Keep hail nets installed in tense, so it will strongly against the hail attack.

Packing and delivery 

Hail Net Packing 

Packing in roll 

Lead Time: 10-15 days, 20GP loads 4 ton, 40HQ loads 10-11 tons.

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