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Shade Cloth With Grommets

Shade cloth with grommets is suitable for family small vegetables,flowers,nursery stock,such as crop protective cultivation.In the summer,it will be a kind of blocking rain, moisture,cooling effect.In the winter,there is a certain heat preservation and humidification.

Shade cloth with grommets also can be used in the balcony,roof,factory building,courtyard,sun room cool shade,etc.The shade cloth adopt virgin HDPE with UV stabilized to make,non-toxic,no smell,it is healthy and environmental protection,indoor and outdoor can be used.

Shade cloth with grommets how to make? We cut out the shade cloth to small and sewing the ribbon all over the edge.Then all the copper grommets or aluminum grommets are pinned uniformly around the ribbon.the net looked more solid, practical and beautiful.

Shade cloth with grommets installation is easy,can be reused,when you don't use just fold away.


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