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Waterproof Sun Shade Sails

Waterproof Sun Shade Sails not only look attractive and create unlimited shade in any outdoor setting, but they also provide protection from the elements. All of our waterproof shade sails are made of a waterproof polyester fabric, adding another useful dimension over normal mesh shade sails. The waterproof sun shade sail can be mounted virtually anywhere that shade is desired. The strong waterproof polyester fabric has 90% UV block and will keep things dry underneath as weather changes.  

Waterproof sun shade sail offers a comfortable, attractive and stylish solution to beat the heat in your outdoor living area. Don’t let the dangerous UV Rays prohibit you from enjoying the outdoors.  Protect your family, friends and guests with this nice sized Shade Sail.  Shade Sails are architecturally attractive and add a new dimension to your outdoor living.  Their unique shapes and flexibility let you create interesting and unusual angles in patios, gardens, entryways and children’s play areas.  

Only waterproof sun shade sails will allow you to enjoy your patio or deck area not only in sunshine but also when it rains - this is a win-win situation and is very cost effective. Easily installs in minutes - your oasis awaits you.  Link more than one Sun Shade Sail to another and create your own backyard wonderland for family and friends to enjoy.

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