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agricultural plastic film

                                                                                agricultural plastic film

We will start with one new product, agricultural plastic film, this product also can produce customized, all details as below:

1.Materials: PE/LDPE/LLDPE/ EVA or PO with UV stabilizer and related special additives
2."Normal PE film", "EVA Metallocene Film" and "EVA Light Conversion Film", "PO film" are all available
3.Anti-UV greenhouse film (anti-aging long life greenhouse film)
4.Anti-Drip greenhouse film
5.Anti-Fog/Anti-mist greenhouse film
6.Anti-UV and Anti-drip greenhouse film
7.Anti-Fog Anti-UV and Anti-drip greenhouse film
8.Light Conversion Greenhouse Film (change the violet and ultraviolet light which is not needed by the crops/plants into the needed red and red orange light to promote the photosynthesis.)
Widely used for Low or High Single Tunnel Greenhouse and Multi Span Greenhouse,  as protecting cover for fruit(strawberry, cherry, grape, watermelon, muskmelon and so on), vegetable(tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, bean, cucumber, celery, onion and so on), flowers,poultry farming,edible mushrooms cultivation and so on.
1. Thickness: 0.05MM - 0.30MM (50micron - 300micron)
2. Width: 1M - 20M
3. length: Customized
4. Other sizes can also be made at customer's request
5. Three to Five Layers

6. 1 - 5 years lifespan.

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