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anti insect net

                                                                                 anti insect net

Anti-insect net is made of high-tensile-strength polyethylene mono filaments with UV stabilized, thus net is durability and longevity. It has strong tucked edges , and is flexible, light, and easy to spread. Anti insect netting is recyclable and environmental friendly, and available in different widths as request.

This net prevent pests,such as tobacco White fly, Leaf miner, Aphids and Thrips, also block birds and bats penetration; yet provide maximum possible air flow; provides protection against climatic conditions such as hail, wind, and solar radiation excess,fewer pesticide treatments are needed, complying with European standards, saving costs,and optimizing yield and fruit quality.

Product name anti insect net
color green, yellow, white, blue, black..
mesh size 20mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh
weight grams/square meter 45-130gsm
MOQ 1 tons cloth
Material HDPE+uv protect
popular size 1x100m/2x100m/3x100m/roll
width 1-4 m without sew


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