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Insect Net Bag

Nylon Fruit Vegetable Plant Insect Protection Grow Mesh Bags Garden Anti Bird Pest Insect Protection Net Bag
1.Made of sturdy nylon material, wear resistant and durable for long time use, lightweight, easy-to-see-through mesh nylon,Eco-friendly.
2.Ventilated and lights go through, it doesn't affect photosynthesis.
3.These fruit protection bags are great for tomatoes, eggplants, grapes, apples and so on. Keeps out insects, pest, birds and other animals to protect your harvest.
4.Drawstring type design, easy to use,  it can also store seeds, grains, etc.
5.Washable and reusable for grocery and storage.

6.Fruit insect barrier and help to prevent the damage from rain or sunburn,keep the temperature and moisture more stable for the fruit.

Product name Anti Bird Pest Insect Protection Net Bag
Size 10*15cm,15*25cm,20*30cm,25*35cm,30*45cm,35*55cm,40*60cm
Color white, green, yellow, etc
Mesh 40-300 mesh

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