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pallet net wrap made of 100 hdpe

The pallet netting is a tough and rugged knitted polyethylene wrap. Pallet net wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene yarn -- a tough and rugged wrap designed for holding pallet loads. It is safe to use, easy to dispose of, or it can be recycled.

The open mesh design of Pallet Net Wrap offers unrestricted flow of air around the pallet load, minimizes damage and product spoilage caused by trapped condensation or rapid changes in temperature. It is also a kind of plastic knitted net as bale net wrap.

Item: Pallet wrapping netting
Color: White
Material: UV added 100% new PE
Size: 0.5m (width) * 3500m (length)
Weight: 11.1 (10.6kg - 11.7) kg/roll
Elongation: 22 - 24%

Longest elongation: 50%

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