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shade sail beach

                                                                           shade sail beach

Using shade sail made of HDPE(High density polyethylene)material has high sunshade rate and anti ultraviolet effect.

1) Service life:More than 5 years.

2) Shade rate:95%.

3) Colors: 15 general colors to choose from(Customizable).


5) Product size: Triangle:3*3*3m 3.6*3.6*3.6m 5*5*5m Rectangle:2*3m 2*4m 3*4m 3.6*4.8m 4*6m
Square:3*3m 3.6*3.6m 4*4m 5*5m Note: the product dimensions can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

6Stainless steel triangle ring or "D" ring at the corners.

7) 25mm or38mm webbing along the whole edges.

8) Packaging method:Can be packed according to customer requirements,there are PE bag packaging, PVC zipper bag packaging and carton packaging, each product has customer's label and matching rope (1.5m * 3 or 4).

If you are interested in shade sail or sun shade net, please contact with us directly!

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