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triangle shade sail

Triangle shade sails, can be bright red, bright yellow, can also be full of green and deep blue, or other combinations of colors. With the installation of different height, so simple shape and color exudes the charm of modern aesthetics.

triangle shade sail

Of course, in addition to the advantages of the aesthetic, the sun shade has been able to contemporary buildings (landscape, commercial housing, etc.) and home improvement is widely used, and its technical advantages inseparable. First, sunscreen can block 90% -95% of the UV. This is a parasol and awning no way to do it. Moreover, the summer weather is hot, the outdoor temperature of nearly forty degrees, unobstructed exposure to people's health is also unfavorable. Shade can help people manage the sun and shade rate, its permeability and will not block the flow of air and bring the feeling of hot. In helping people shade at the same time, they will not be deprived of people close to nature.

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