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weed mat indoor

                                                                               weed mat indoor

Our woven Polypropylene Ground Cover offers great protection from UV rays, unexpected weed growth, and forms of soil erosion prevention. Not only is this product suited for multiple needs, it also comes in multiple sizes as well including. Our ground covers are as easy to set up and maintain as laying down mulch or throwing down some new gravel. The ground covers are much less messy as well. Our woven covers are water absorptive in order to deflect mildew and rot. Weed mat can use at outdoor and indoor. White color weed mat usually used at indoor.

There is another use of the grass cloth is PP Fabric Silt Fence can be used water conservancy and road works.

Packages of weed mat: one is packed into rolls, second one is packed into boxes, third one is packed into pp bags as pieces.

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