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Heavy Duty PVC Suction Hose

Heavy Duty Pvc Suction Hose

1) The PVC hose is flexible, durable for hard weather and temperature,chemical resistance, non-toxic and odourless.
2) The high grade type can transport food, milk, drink,wine,etc.
3) It's with rib/smooth spiral to reinforce the pressure,when the hose suction seed,water,or powder, the hose will be no deformation .
4) Smooth or ribbed surface, bright outlook, the rib color can be different with the wall color.
5) Hose inner diameter size from 12mm--250mm.
6) Working Temperature: -10°C-65°C, we can do high-temperature resistant grade and low -temperature resistant grade.
corrugated suction hose /flexible pvc suction hose pipe /water hose
Specification Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness
2 inch 64 51.5 2.8
3 inch 88.5 73.5 3
4 inch 115 101.5 3
6 inch 174 151.5 3.5
8 inch 226.5 201 3.9

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