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Trellis Climbing Netting


Material: PP , UV stabilized

Colour: white, green, black or any other colour

Mesh Size: 150x170mm,100x100mm,150x150mm,130x130mm,200x200mm

Weight: 8~10g/sqm

Width: 1m,1.2m,1.5m,1.7m,2m

Length: 10m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 500m, 1000m


Trelis netting is green,extruded polyethlene mesh netting and is ideal for plant support-with runner beans particlarty benefiting from the netting when draped over aframe. Pea and bean net is econmical.straight forward and well proven method of growing beans or peas.This pea and bean net is rot proof and UV stabilized and should offer you several seasons of use.


Trelis netting provide a sturdy support for climbing fruits and vegetables.Can be used vertically to support and encourage the growth of climbing vegetable crop,including garden peas,runner beans,cucumbers,marrow,courgettes, Tomatoes,sweet peasa and clematis by proving the crops with lateral support

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