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anti aging greenhouse insect net

Anti insect net(Insect Screen) provides protection from range of insects that can be harmful. This preventive method reduces the cost of pesticides to grow organic and natural cultivation, also widely used as window screen.
Insect net is a new type of agricultural covering materials. It can not only prevent insect, but also shade sunlight.
Insect net is usually used in shade house, insect net house and greenhouse.

Insect net is used for the cultivation of vegetable,melon and legume in summer and autumn. Insect net can help to increase the rate of seedling emergence and improve the quality of seedlings.

Material 100% virgin HDPE with UV treated
Type Monofilament
Color White, Blue, Green, Gray, red, black, ect
Weight grams  40gsm-130gsm
Width  0.9m-4m, more than 4m, need to sew together
Length 5m,10m,30m,50m,100m,200m
Mesh 16mesh, 24mesh, 40mesh,50mesh
Packing Plastic bags in rolls or pieces
Feature Heat-resistant, Water resistant, Corrosion resistant, Non-toxic, Tasteless, Good ventilation

Insect net can protect the vegetables from the invasion of insect pest.

Insect net can reduce the virus infection by cutting off the transmission route.

Insect net can adjust the temperature and the humidity of greenhouse.

Insect net can shade the strong sunlight in summer and shelter the crops .

Insect net can prevent hail and wind in bad weather.

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