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woven polypropylene fabric ground cover

PP woven fabric is used for agriculture and graden. It's made of 100% PP resin, polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material.  Woven fabrics is made of polypropylene can be degraded and do not pollute the environment.

Weed control woven fabric can prevent sunlight from irradiating the weeds below through the ground anti-weed cloth, so that the weeds cannot undergo photosynthesis, so as to prevent the growth of weeds. At the same time, it can resist ultraviolet rays and mildew, to prevent insects and small animals from attacking and growing.

Weed mats work by blocking sunlight from reaching weeds, which kills them. A high-quality weed mat will inhibit weed growth while providing adequate drainage to keep the soil moist and nutritious.
All the colors, weight, width and length can be customized.

Product name Ground Cover/ Weed Mat/Geotextile/Landscape Fabric
Material 100% virgin PP
Color black, green, white
GSM 70-200gsm
By roll/plastic bag/carton
Payment terms
Vertical line and square
Stop the weed growth and keep the water
MOQ 2 tons

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