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PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

This heavy wall, wire-yarn reinforced hose is ideal for applications which require the hose to withstand both high vacuum and pressure. The electro galvanized, helical steel wire can be used for static dissipation.

· Phthalate free, silicon free & non-toxic

· Wire helix prevents kinking & collapsing

· Glass smooth interior - reduces material buildup

· Resistant to chemicals

· Self-extinguishing

· Non-marking

· Vacuum rating: 29.9” Hg at 70°F

· Temperature range: 15°F to 150°F

1,Materials:  PVC+PET+galvanized steel wire
  The surface is transparent,(new material can not add calcium power)
2,Colors:  colors can be customized.
3,The surface of the hoses can be printing lettering according to the customer demand.
4,Applicable temperature:  -5ºC~65ºC
5,One-step forming.

British Measurement Metric Measurement Length W.P. B.P. Weight
Inch I.D.(mm) O.D.(mm) m Mpa Mpa kg/roll
3/8 9 14 100 -1-10 30 15
1/2 12 18 100 -1-11 30 20
1 25 30 50 -1-7 20 18
1-3/4 45 52 50 -1-5 16 40
4 102 118 30 -1-3 10 144
Package Card +Shrink film + carton
OEM package is acceptable
Shipping Samples orders usually via Express like DHL/ FedEx /UPS, etc
Bulk order usually via Sea Way
Delivery time Within 30 days after order confirmation

The hose is transparent, can be windeli used for conveying water, oil, power factory, agriculture, engineering, food factory. Hose can be mainly used for conveying milk, beverages, spirits, beer, jam and other food. We can also insert the copper wire hose.Is it can avoid the sattic flow and to protect the user from electric shock or current shock tube.
This hose is made of steel wire, light weight, transparent, small bending radius. The weather conditions has good adaptability and compressive properties.With colorful symbol lines to decorate the surface of the hose to be able to make it more beautiful.

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